Friday, May 20, 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival 2011

I am super excited about this blogging festival. I haven't been a good blogger by any means, but i sure enjoy checking everyone else's blog's out. I've decided to share my favorite quilt that I made out of my husbands unserviceable marine corp cammies.
It all began when my husband was on his 2nd tour to Iraq in the United states marine Corp. He left on the morning of our son's 4th birthday. To begin with my husband has been to war in all three sets of these uniforms. My son was having a really tough time having his daddy gone. So my grandma suggested I try and make a quilt out of them. And so you have it, a cammie quilt. Since I made my first one for my son I have made many many more for others. It helped pass the time while my hubby was away. It was especially helpful for myself when I needed a hug from my hubby... all I had to do was wrap the quilt around me and it was as close as I could wish for.
I'm not a professional by any means but I found a craft that I could make my own and made a difference for my kids and others that were experiencing the heart ache that comes with a deployed loved one. Thank you for looking and more importantly, thank you for posting your wonderful inspiring quilts of your own. If you's like to view some amazing quilts and blogs please go to Amy's Creative Side (I've linked below) and check everything out. Don't forget to stop by the sponsers blogs and pick up some beautiful fabric to help you complete those projects that these wonderful bloggers have inspired you to make!

ps - i hope I've posted correctly and played by Amy's rules. It's my first time. :-)